Everything you need to know about Touchdown in Clash Royale

What you promised is debt. Clash Royale users have been waiting all summer for the new update that has just been released, and among other things adds a new gameplay that will try to make a dent in the eSports landscape. And how do they plan to do it? With the addition of Touchdown for Clash Royale that throws us to an American football field where we use our troops and get many points to win the game.

The arrival of the Touchdown mode to Clash Royale supposes a change of strategy of SuperCell and also fresh air to the program. With this competitive game mode the behavior of certain cards is changed, others are discarded and, in short, they will make us spend a lot of fun as we move through the playing field.

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So that you do not miss anything about this valuable mode we tell you all about TouchDown for Clash Royale so you can take advantage right now.

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All about Touchdown in Clash Royale
This new gameplay with American football in Clash Royale will try to encourage many more teams in the eSports panorama to enter into this SuperCell experience. However it is curious that the mode has been presented as an eSports game to use with known players of that world.

How does Touchdown work in Clash Royale?
As we have commented, a curious American football field moves to the general mechanics of the game. On the one hand we have a team in the upper area formed by two players, and another team in the lower zone formed by two other users.

Clash Royale Touchdown
What is involved is to get some of our troops to the rival line of annotation, whatever. The first team that manages to place a troop in the opponent’s zone of annotation will have scored a point, and the game will be restarted. In the end will win the team that has scored more points throughout the game, and only throwing our favorite troops.

And what about the cards?
As you will understand, the operation of all cards can not be respected. In this way letters like the graveyard, the miner or the barrel of goblins can only reach the center of the field, and others like the mountaineers have been eliminated directly for the mode.

Which cards are the best?
It is still early to know, but from what little has been seen it seems that spells have a very good role.
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Clash Royale Touchdown
The lightning spell will serve to eliminate the opponent’s last defense; the ice spell to slow down units or the tornado spell to clear the way to score in opposing field.

Also letters like the magician, the witch or sparklers have gained prominence, although the letter of the woodcutter is emphasized that when using rabies can give greater speed to the units.

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