Fifa 18 vs PES 2018: so who’s the best this year?

Fifa 18 vs PES 2018: so who’s the best this year?

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We tested the two soccer simulations. The match of the golden balloons of the console balances this year. Detailed review of strengths and weaknesses
This is the great existential question of fans of football simulation every autumn: where is the terrible rivalry between the two giants of the ball on consoles, Fifa of Electronic Arts and PES of Konami? Before delivering our verdict, which is inevitably subjective, a little context reminder: Fifa vs PES, it is a bit the star of the years 2000 against the star of the 90s. For several years, Fifa caught up in the field of quality simulation. And PES is in trouble.

Game quality and graphics: draw
The gap between the two has narrowed for three seasons now. And the 2018 version confirms it: the pleasure of play is approximately equivalent between the two titles today. We can mark a hair more easily with Fifa 18 and PES is slightly stiffer, more simulation. But let’s be frank, it’s played almost nothing.

In terms of graphics, no one stands out. Fifa is a bit more beautiful on the general level but the details of the players are more careful on PES. 2 everywhere, bullet in the center.

Ergonomics and licenses: Fifa stands out
In the other areas, however, we move away from the draw. Ergonomics first: Konami had to dismiss the person who took care of it before he finished the project … The menus are bland, not to say fussers. At first glance, we do not really want to get into the game. It’s the opposite with Fifa, always welcoming and neat.

Let’s get to the famous licenses now. And there, it is always the Berezina at PES, which continues not to be able to propose all the official teams and competitions. Once again, you have to juggle the menus to recognize teams that have names that are not always easy to recognize. While at Electronic Arts, it is a tradition, one wonders what license still escapes them.

If you summarize, on the strict level of “gameplay”, the quality of the simulation so you can opt for either title, you will not be disappointed. If the lack of official licenses is a blocking point, forget about PES 2018.

On the other hand, if you reluctantly relinquished PES for Fifa when the latter has raised its level of play, you can return without hesitation to your first loves. The high level PES is back. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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