Clash Royale x crossbow use what experience X crossbow use experience

Clash Royale x crossbow use what experience X crossbow use experience
 Feel the most intense of the league, to participate in the peak of the party. Hello, everyone, “the league peak party” and on time and we met, and our aim is: “into the master league, the impact of the Champions League!”

  X even the crossbow must have no stranger. For the old players, this is a very emotional card , had a plug-like range as the old high-end players must master a set of card group ; for the new players, this is a very not easy to use Card, but encountered each other to use this card but it will be a headache. So this is an old player’s big killer, the new player’s nightmare.

  Not much to say, today for everyone to bring the card group is a set of X crossbow as the core of the card group (the card group from the world’s first 132 players Puzzle K YTB)

  Card group  

  Difficulty in operation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  Card analysis:

  (1) X with crossbow: the set of card core output card. Has a good continuous output capacity and blood volume. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, the operator needs to have a good fee.

  (2) Flame Wizard: has a very high AOE damage ability. Can be used to protect X crossbow, can also be used to defend each other’s offensive.

  (3) ice wizard: mainly used with the defense. Has a good ability to interrupt, and very cheap.

  (4) the souls: mainly used to help defend or protect X crossbow. Have a good price, generally not easy to lose money.

  (5) Fireball: has a good ability to hurt and beheaded. In this set, placed X with crossbow with other units quickly beheaded each other defensive units, to help X even crossbow fast lock each other Princess tower.

  (6) Goblin: mainly used to help defend or protect X crossbow.

  (7) rolling wood: solution artifact. Restrain all the earth and the princess, blowing arrow Goblin.

  (8) hell tower: mainly used for defense or protection X crossbow is not subject to tank card restraint.

  【Operation idea】

  Start Note:

  ① start do not immediately use X crossbow attack, give priority to take the defensive counterattack ideas.

  ② If the two sides stalemate longer, you can sink at the bottom of the ice elves to pass, or sink at the end of the flames, Goblin, etc., looking for the opportunity to tie with the crossbow X.

  Operation core:

  ① attack, the need to hoard some units, in the bridge with X crossbow attack. To protect X with crossbow as the core, need a higher response speed, according to the other side of the solution, put the appropriate card anti-solution.

  ② this set of cards by the heavy card group restraint. Encounter giant , rock pitcher and other cards, it should be a good defense, if necessary, can be set in the X even crossbow to participate in defense, through the defense slowly make money, and then with the home X and then cross the crossbow and consumption of opponents.

  ③ this set of cards in the destruction of the other side of a tower, if our princess tower blood volume is more healthy, then give priority to defense, to avoid the loss of advantage, after breaking a tower after our defensive ability will be greatly reduced.

  ④ Predictive ability and counting ability is the necessary capacity of this set of cards, you want to rely on this set of card group reached the pinnacle of the league, we must accurately determine the other side of the next action. If the judgment is successful, will immediately get a huge advantage, and give each other heavy psychological pressure

  Well, this issue of the peak party and we say goodbye, and welcome everyone in the commentary to say you want to understand the legend card group, perhaps we recommend the next period is your favorite.

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