The “invincible” decks of the SLO of Clash Royale

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The formula for success is elusive. It can work for someone and it does not work for you, which makes you even more frustrated. So I always think that it is better to use the advice of others as inspiration and not as a rule and absolute truth. During the last Barcelona Games World inaugurated the first season of the Superliga Orange of Clash Royale , and this Sunday was celebrated his second day. So now is the time to see what have been the most used cards and combinations by professional players.

As always, I have to tell you that there is no invincible deck and that every card has a way of being countered. However, some combinations can make you a fearsome adversary, and that’s what interests us the most, right? So without further delay, let’s take a look at what has been the most used in recent clashes.

I have seen a clear protagonism of the Miner in a great amount of decks. With the Miner we can access the Princess (or King’s) Tower very easily, as it moves underground until it reaches its target. A very useful card when there are many units on the battlefield, since at first it may even go unnoticed. However, it is easy to end it thanks to an army of skeletons, so it is best to go well accompanied … by Poison . Poison has been another of the most used cards because it is also very versatile. It may not be a spell with much damage, but it helps in very different combinations.

Poison is always a great ally, especially if we come to a Cemetery or some tanks
Poison + Cemetery is a devastating combination. Normally the Cemetery can be countered by fast archers, but if these are weakened by the poisonous spell that occupies us, it is difficult that they manage to keep intact their Tower of Princess. Poison can also be a great ally for the PEKKA or the Ice Golem , the most used tanks of this last day. Normally, an army of skeletons or a hordes of henchmen take us out of these powerful tanks, but with a Poison as an ally the thing will not be so simple.

A card that has hardly been missing in any deck has been the Elixir Gatherer . Combining it with expensive cards like the Rocket or the aforementioned PEKKA allows us not to suffer from lack of Elixir while we continue to press our opponent. But in structures, and after the adjustment you’ve experienced, a Tesla Tower is the best thing you’ll find in Clash Royale. And for cramps, that gives the Electric Magician , the most used in the Super League in the last matches.

The Montapuercos is always a good choice, and also works very well with Poison. In general, spells are of paramount importance in the game of Supercell, esp ecially at the time of ending the numerous enemies that block our way. Knowing how to combine is a good formula for success … unless your rival has learned better than you the lesson.(Click to buy buy clash of clans gems online,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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